Who knew?

Four or five years ago, my friend’s older brother invited us to see a little-known indie band at a small show in Indiana. He got us the band’s first album and we all listened to it until we had every song memorized and were totally pumped for the show. Unique, beautiful sound, we all became instant fans.

However the weekend of the show something came up and we couldn’t travel to Indiana to see them. We were disappointed but got to see our friends pictures from the show and continued to love the band’s sound.They’re still one of my favorite bands.

In the last year when their self-titled album came out and people actually began to know this band exists, we all found it funny. And last month when this band was on Saturday Night Live we all had a “remember when” moment.

On Sunday, this little band that no one knew about five years ago won 2 Grammy’s.

Congrats, Bon Iver!



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