My extraordinary friend Carly wrote this on my Facebook wall today:

“Hi, my name is Leslie. I am more beautiful inside than on the outside–if you can believe it. I got love to know and love to show. If you happen to cross paths with me you’ll be better for it. The end.”

First of all, so precious, right? Second of all, it got me thinking… I have been on this journey lately of being honest with who I am and what my heart is about. I have always found pride a very ugly attribute that I went so far the opposite way to never say a good thing about myself. Not that I was particularly insecure or didn’t think I had good qualities, I just never wanted to seem prideful.

A year and a half ago I started a journey of the power of words and forgiveness. It will forever be engrained in me, because I have seen first hand the power of life being spoken change nearly 20 years of fierce bitterness. Our words are truly “yes, and amen”. They have such power to build or destroy. As I am becoming the strong leader God made me to be I am finding how vital is for me to speak aloud who He made to be. Simply working toward a role or a goal is not enough, I have to speak it out and reinforce it in my spirit.

When I speak it out I am believing and proclaiming, not wishing.

I am out to be who He made me to be.



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