i. Story time

I am a devout journaler. I have been since I can remember, I started when I went on my first mission trip to Guatemala when I was 7 (sadly I have no idea where that journal is now!). My journals through my teen years are pretty erratic and silly, losing those wouldn’t make me so sad. When I came to Wildwood I started journaling and those journals I love. I often lend them to people, I’m told they’re a great read. I believe it, I have some fantastic stories from Wildwood Ranch. The youth of Detroit are hilarious, challenging, fun, and I love sharing my stories of them. So I’ve decided to at random share my stories from time to time…

From my second summer counseling at Wildwood:

This morning at Adventure Camp Staff’s meeting Gielow told us he would come out to supervise the fire building because he heard the kids may not be able to handle it. I said, “Ya, there was a lot of talk of setting their sisters on fire…” Bobby looked at me and said, “I’m sorry.” I shrugged and said, “I ain’t their sister.” Carl busted out laughing.

Tiny and random story, it’s just a taste.


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