ii. Story Time

My first summer at Wildwood Ranch I was journaling in the back half of an old mission trip’s journal. The first bit of it had my writings from when I was on mission in New York City the summer before.

My camper Tiara asked me if she could read my journal, I didn’t want her to read the summer part so I told her she could read the first part of it. She started reading it with a couple of other girls from my and other cabins. My girl Kayla was braiding my hair so I couldn’t see what they were reading, I’d just hear them laugh or they’d ask questions. When Tiara read about my time in Harlem she asked, “Weren’t you scared?” I said, “Oh yeah. Terrified.” They kept asking me about my friend Sean as if I like him. It made me laugh, how they always make up in their minds how I have a crush or a boyfriend.

I love journaling, and I love having people read my journals. It was so interesting having a camper that I journal about read my mission trip journal. Tiara asked me if I journal about her, I told her I write about how she denies that she loves me. She just laughed and said she doesn’t love me. Denial.



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