As of late…

I am spending the until mid-May in Florida with my parents and one of my brothers, these two-ish months I get to live with them will be the longest amount of time I have lived with my family since I was 16-years-old. This realization has hit me hard, considering, it is the last time such an oppurtunity will come up. Life plans, goals, schedules are about to seize us each up indefinitely. Holidays, we’ll have at least.

So with that current news done, can I just get a few things off my chest? A random Wednesday morning confession, if you will? Yes? Oh, thanks.

I like not being in Michigan, away from everyone. Everything.

My brother is in the Air Force and he set up this workout for me, I’ll be in constant pain for a couple of weeks, but I think I’ll be a beast from it.

I read The Hunger Games over three years ago, seeing it become a fad like Twilight kinda makes me gag.

I know I just got a tattoo a few days ago… Already thinking what I want for my second tat.

I have wanted to be in Los Angeles for over a year now. It’s the hardest thing to explain to people, this crazy passion I have for a city I have flown into and driven out of. I don’t know the city, but I love it. Until I am there there is always a part of me that is discontent. And the longer I am not in L.A., the more people assume I am never going to go.

Their doubt drives me mad, but I understand it.

I never doubt, I know that is where I’m going.

Let’s be honest, Zac Efron grew into a stunningly attractive man.

I don’t want more than like 30 people at my wedding when I get married. My mom says I’ll change my mind. Butthiswas my mind being changed. I have always wanted a big, fancy, beautiful wedding… Now I want everyone at my wedding to fit at one big table.

Things that used to deeply matter to me are not so important these days, not in a careless way, my opinions and priorities are just changing.

Every time a Titanic 3D commercial comes on, I just freak out. Cannot wait. No shame.

I am currently on a protein only diet. It makes me a little grumpy, and I dreamt of donuts last night.

I want to write a book.

Whenever I have conversations with teenagers I realize that one, I am living proof that the rebellious years end and two, God truly can restore relationships. My mom always says I’ve been independent since I was 4-years-old. Honoring my parents used to never happen, now I can honestly say I enjoy it. I haven’t lived with them in years, but I still try to honor them.

I’m rediscovering John Mayer, and I think it’s making me sappy.

Well, that’s a sufficient amount of rambling for now, time to do the workout of death.


One thought on “As of late…”

  1. your zac efron line made me laugh out loud. I’ll have to see what he looks like now.

    it’s cool that your doing a bunch of working out – seems like a lot of us are going through a boot camp of sorts…I wonder what God is up to.

    I like hearing how you grow up… :)


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