I’m a dreamer, I suppose.

some more random thoughts from Leslie, shall we?

I’m currently re-watching the show LOST, I looove this show. even though it never really answers any of my questions, it’s still fantastic. and I have been so much more sappy this time around. Desmond + Penny = real love.

one of my brothers is getting married in 19 days!

I move to Los Angeles in exactly 3 months. words cannot describe my sheer joy at saying this.

I have been pondering lately the way that amount of time supposedly equals one’s amount of right. how you’re amount of time spent somewhere or knowing someone, seems to mirror the amount of right you have there or with that person. does that make sense? and if it does make sense, I’m not sure I agree with that thought process.

my brother and I are totally hooked on the show New Girl. been a Zooey fan since day one, who doesn’t love her?

lately I’ve been pinning on pinterest in my dreams. the same thing happened when I discovered the app game “where’s my water?”.

the other day I realized that I am thankful to be single, I’ve been content being single before. usually the contentment comes and goes, but I’m actually thankful that I am single right now.

in fact, more than dreaming of a relationship I have found myself often daydreaming of adopting my kids. because my heart is for adopting all my children I get asked often if I’m going to adopt before I’m married, my answer is that I would if God wanted me to. as much as I want to adopt now, I definitely know now is not the right time. someday.

speaking of adoption, can I just say that with Brad and Angelina getting married I am more worried now that they’ll break up in the future. I hate that it is this way, but marriage just does not last so long in the hollywood biz. they’ve been together seven years and now they’re getting married? with all the kiddos they have, I sincerely hope it lasts.

but for the record: I’m still a little upset with Brad for leaving Jenn.

I genuinely don’t know how to converse with people who are content with not moving forward. sometimes I forget what a dream oriented person I am until I talk with someone who wants to stay exactly where they are doing exactly what they’ve always done. to them, I probably sound crazy.

I feel like God has a trust fall excercise coming for me.



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