fruit of the week: joy

to be honest, I have been waiting all week for some grand revelation of joy to full upon me. yet nothing came. last night as I was thinking in my head about what I could say about joy, since no revelation fell from the sky this week… and I realized I don’t need something new or fresh to say about joy.

joy is everlasting.

joy is constant.

joy is a state of being, not emotion.

this past week the Joneses (my fantastic roomie family) was on vacation in Florida. the day they left I started to feel sick, a sickness which is still not fully gone. I spent all week home alone and sick. if you have never been alone and sick, it’s an automatic bummer.

if ever there was a week when I would be lacking in joy, surely it’s the week where I am lonely and sickly. as I went through this week with the fruit of the week bouncing around in my head I would question myself constantly to see if I was joyful or not. I feel like I came to the conclusion that joy is inside me. it’s not something I can drop, or lose, or walk away from.

I am a daughter of the King of kings.

whether I am sick, or alone, or frustrated, or confused there is always the underlying truth that I am rescued, redeemed, and free. in my life joy is inescapable, so long as I recognized that truth.


I borrowed my friend’s old book of poems yesterday and I found this one about joy, just had to share it.

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One thought on “fruit of the week: joy”

  1. I struggled with finding something to write this week, too. I kept thinking – hey, this was your idea, get it together! :) It’s true that we don’t always need to find something new to say, because He’s already said it all for us.


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