porch swings

the other day my friend and I stopped at his house so he could get some things. while he went inside I plopped down on his family’s porch swing. he got a phone call and took even longer, but I laid out on the porch swing and lost track of time, place, and thought as the swing’s smooth motion rocked me back and forth.

I love porch swings. I mean, I love them. they are one of my favorite things. it doesn’t matter what city, state, or country… I get comfy on a porch swing and I feel like I am home.


the last few nights I have spent dusk outside on the janke-but-love-able porch swing that has traveled with me from my last home with my parents, to my intern house, to storage, and now it has made a reappearance at my current home with the Joneses.

I lay on this porch swing and I try to solve every problem and every pain… but comfort finds me. the wind through my hair reminds me there is a Creator Who has all the answers and I needn’t worry. so I rock back and forth, and I trust.

it’s the little things in this life, like porch swings.



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