fruit of the week: peace / help Leslie get to LA!


this fruit of the week I know. though I don’t understand it. but then again it is the peace that passes understanding. there have been two times in my life where I have encountered irrational peace.

the first, was when I decided to be an intern at Wildwood Ranch. it didn’t make sense to people why I wanted to spend two years of my life at a small, unknown camp, in the tiny and pointless town of Howell, Michigan. my first summer I wrestled with the idea of being an intern literally all summer long, and then suddenly I had complete peace about it. mind-blowing peace. it didn’t matter what anyone said or what road blocks popped up… oh, and there were indeed roadblocks…

and in those two years whenever hard times came… oh, and there were indeed hard times… that peace that passes understanding kept me there, kept me growing.

the second, was similar and really different. February of 2011 I found Red Eye Inc. and the Dream Center online and something clicked in me. it’s hard to logically explain, it was like I had been looking for ministries and organizations like this my whole life, but never knew until I found them. I have not been the same since, and I will not be content until I am there.

irrational? yes. that is what peace looks like sometimes.

this past year has been an absolute trip. this time last year I was heartbroken for multiple reasons and I decided that for the time being I would stay in Michigan. so I stayed and have been blessed and found fruit and life in random places, but all that time at the mention of Los Angeles my heart would stir. I knew I needed to go. as soon as I started to plan again to move to Los Angeles I had absolute peace.

I got accepted to intern for a year at the Dream Center, I know this is the next chapter of my life. whether it is just this one year in LA or I move there once the year is up, I don’t know how long it will be. but I have peace about this next chapter of my life.

with that said, I need people to partner with me on my journey and help me raise money to do this internship. the cost of the program is $2,400. I trust that the money will come in, this hasn’t been a worry of mine. there have been a lot of people with me on this journey and they will tell you that I have absolute trust that this is what God has for me, so the money will be raised!




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