out of Michigan, soon to California

I am officially out of Michigan. I’m currently in Iowa having some family time before I fly out to Los Angeles on Wednesday. I have so much to say, to express, I have no idea where to begin.

first of all, thank you. thank you from the bottom of my heart to those who have supported me helped me in my preparation for my next journey. I have spent the last few weeks in awe of how loved and blessed I am. multiple times it’s brought me to tears. it’s hard to express how deeply this is a dream of my heart to be in LA and you who have helped by donation or prayer, I pray that you would reap what you’ve sown in my life.

leaving Wildwood yesterday was indeed tough. I love that place, if I haven’t made that clear. but as I’ve said before I have an irrational peace about this. I’ve had a couple dozen people tell me in the last couple weeks how excited they are for me. and yesterday, upon saying my Wildwood goodbyes I got prayed over about ten times over, helping to send me off. and my friend Courtney said something that was the most amazing compliment to me, she told me she was encouraged by my walk with the Lord, she said she loves that I adventure with Him and it makes her excited for life!

that, my friends, is precisely who I want to be. I want to be someone who sparks something within people as I’m around them.

I shall end this post with some pictures from my summer at Wildwood and a shout out to the staff I worked with this summer… I have never been more honored to serve shoulder to shoulder with a staff at Wildwood. incredible hearts, awesome vision, hard workers. it was a delight, folks.




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