Welcome Home

So I live in Los Angeles now. In case you haven’t heard. Lots of people have been asking me how it is, and I give them super giddy answers like, “I’m in love” or “it’s a dream come true” without really being able to explain. So I shall try to explain.

When I was on the plane flying in there was a sea of clouds and I couldn’t see LA, I saw the tips of mountains surrounding it but I couldn’t see through the thick layer of clouds that covered the city that morning. I sat in my seat, 70% convinced that I was dreaming. For over a year and a half I had dreamt dozens of times that I was in LA and woken up from those dreams. I was certain I would wake up before we even got through the clouds. But I didn’t. As the plane cut through the thick clouds and I saw Los Angeles my heart expanded. Since arriving I’ve had this feeling that is really like nothing I’ve ever felt.

It feels like I’ve come home, even though I’ve never really been here.

Everyone says it’s another world down here, which is true, because it’s like 30 different worlds. Where the Dream Center is located is in a fairly ghetto area, so I get used to the whole girls never walk alone, carry a mace, watch out for crazy attacking dogs (haha, but really.) part of our neighborhood… Then the other day while we were at a mall shopping and my roommate was looking out trying to find celebrities and it dawns on me, oh yeah, this is Hollywood.

Los Angeles is just as stunningly beautiful as the movies show it, and it’s just as incredibly broken as the news shows it.

I’ve not even been here for a full week, but I know. I know this is my life to the full. I am living out that bright, colorful, chaotic painting I saw in a vision a year and a half ago. I’m home. This is my city. I still don’t know what God has planned for me here, but I’ve never had a feeling like this before. It’s been years since I’ve felt “at home” anywhere, even places with people I really love. When I walk across the black top at the Dream Center and see the Hollywood sign in the distance, when we go over the bridge on a certain highway and I see all the lights of the city at night, before the plane even landed, I look out over this city and feels so familiar to me.

I’m in love with here, it’s a dream come true.

(Actual description of what I do here to follow within the week… probably.)



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