Church in the wild.

So for maybe a year now I have been a hardcore stalker of Hillsong NYC. I follow Carl & Laura Lentz on twitter and instagram, plus following Hillsong NYC on instagram, twitter & facebook. I love Hillsong, period. The short time I spent in Sydney with Hillsong City was a pleasure. But there’s something about the heart of Hillsong NYC that I just dig.

They do what they call “church in the wild”. I’ve been so into that since hearing it, but being with a church in downtown Los Angeles… I now understand church in the wild. And I would do church no other way.

Last night I listened to Carl Lentz’s message that he spoke on church in the wild at Angelus Temple the Thursday service before I moved out here. I ate up every word. Church in the wild is something I tried to understand and embrace with my church in Michigan, that outreach way of living… But in downtown LA it is a whole other way of living outreach.

I love Angelus Temple. I can’t get enough of my church. Because I absolutely love the fact that no matter who you are, what your walk is like, what lifestyle you live, you are welcome to church. Again, this is the mindset of most outreach churches, but seeing it at this level makes it go from “an outreach church” to “church in the wild”. Millionaires, celebrities, prostitutes, addicts, criminals, me… We all come every Sunday. Carl Lentz talked about the kind of church where you have to keep one eye open during worship so someone doesn’t steal your wallet. That’s my kind of church, right there.

Last Sunday a fellow intern that goes on the bus to pick people up from Skid Row for church was telling my roommates and I about this woman on the bus that asked if she could take her shirt off and just sit in her bra on the bus ride. (Sorry if this is TMI, but I’m not really sorry.) I laughed for so long when I heard that story. And I loved it. I understand that some people can hardly handle reading this paragraph, let alone imagine being in community here. But as Carl Lentz said in his message, “To reach the people who have not been reached you have to do something different.”

When we tell everyone what they do and who they are is wrong, we lose them. In order to reach the unreachable you have to offer love unspeakable.



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