Chick flicks, art, and sound-reasoning.

Months ago I sat across from a guy at a coffee shop and for the first (and definitely last) time I quoted a line from The Notebook. I said to him, “I used to paint all the time.”

Several weeks ago I was driving a new friend through Beverly Hills and he was telling me how he loves to draw, I said, “Ya, I used to draw a lot… There’s nothing like it, it completely frees your mind and nothing exists but what you’re working on.”

The other day while visiting a friend at her school in San Diego she showed me the studio where she works on her art projects.

Stay with me. I’m going to attempt to that good writer/blogger thing where you take your thoughts in multiple directions then tie them together in the end with an endearing and witty twist. (Hopefully.)

When did The Vow come out? February? I’m sure it was around Valentine’s Day… Anyway, when I saw The Vow I felt like my guts had been sliced open. Yes, it’s cute and chick-flicky, and in all girly-honesty I could talk to you for hours about how their pre-memory-loss marriage is my dream marriage, but that’s not the point of this post. There was something so much more that stirred in me after seeing it.

I discovered that I had artistic talent in 2008. And early 2009 I stopped pursuing those talents. Sure, here and there I’d draw or paint. Every great now and again I would disappear for hours into a drawing or painting and I would wake up from it  with my hands covered in paint or graphite and think, WHY don’t I do this more? And then months or years would pass without picking up a brush again…

Life got busy. Priorities changed.

Isn’t that always the excuse for giving up something you love?

I got rid of my paints and paintbrush collection when I got rid of most of my belongings, to move to Los Angeles.

Then I saw The Vow. I loved that art became what she did twice. That when she forgot how to do it after losing her memory, her talent eventually made its way back to her mind and hands again. I also loved that BOTH times, her pursuit of art was her choice. It wasn’t influenced by family or a guy. It was her making a choice for herself, to pursue her own talents. Talents and abilities are not WHO we are but they are a vital PART of us. We can make them our identity or ignore them, both extremes are risky.

It’s going on five years for me since pursuing something I love and am gifted at. FIVE YEARS. There is a reason I love drawing and painting, there is a reason I don’t suck at it, there is a reason it’s one of my gifts (and gift that brings me more peace than anything else). And for five years too long I haven’t been pursuing it.

No excuses. Not for me, not for you.

I think sometimes we all need a reminder of what we love, why we love it, and most importantly we need to be reminded that there is a reason for it.


One thought on “Chick flicks, art, and sound-reasoning.”

  1. That was a wonderful entry. I feel the same way about our talents & desires being a PART of us. I also ignored pursuing my passion for a long time, and it physically hurt. Once we go after it once again, it’s like the world opens up just for us. :) Thanks for writing.


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