Prioritizing so that everything is priority one.

These days I am learning a whole lot about priorities.

The biggest thing I have learned is that your priorities speak of who you are and who you want to be.

Priorities are not just a list of tasks, things to accomplish, something to check off.

I am learning more and more about myself that I want to be a business woman, I want to have a career, I want to be (here’s that word some cringe at) successful. I want to work crazy hours, I want to go without sleeping in order to meet goals. I have gifts and talents and I want to go somewhere with them. I want to lead, and inspire. I want to change the world. Don’t we all?

I also want to pause my workaholic life at the drop of a hat for my family. I have the best family in the world. We belong in a movie or a tv show, you can’t convince me otherwise. We’re like Parenthood… But… Less drama… And we’re funnier… We are. And I want to always be there when my family needs me. Which, granted, is trickier when they’re on the other side of the country.

I want to pursue art. I want to start drawing and painting again. As well as sewing and designing. I want to read books and I want to write books. These are things I’m good at and I love, but I put aside because I “didn’t have time anymore”. I want to find time for the things that are not just a hobby but a lifeline.

I want to be a mom one day. No, I haven’t forgotten the whole wife and mother option of life. Just give me like 10-15 years… But really. My heart is still (and forever) for adoption. Sometimes when I’m just sitting still and daydreaming I think how much greater sitting still and daydreaming would be with a little snuggly baby in my arms. Honestly I think more about adopting than I do about getting married. No offense, future husband.

I know life is anything but a smooth ride, but in the words of Liz Lemon, “I can do it! I can have it all!”

I want to be a working woman, I want to paint pictures, I want to hop on a plane in an instance to be with my family, I want to stay up working all night, I want to adopt eventually while still being a career woman, I want to take time to read a book like I used to.

I want all of these areas to be my priority. I don’t want to get so stressed and overwhelmed by one that I neglect the others. I don’t want to be guilted for focusing on multiple areas of life. I don’t want to value one area of my life above another. I want everything I do to be something I believe is worth my time enough that I give it all the same amount of effort.

I have worked under a myriad of bosses and leaders that handle work, pressure, and off-time very differently. I have seen what works well and what does not. We all need balance, and balance is a fight and a choice. Balance can be the difference between sinking or swimming.

I want my priorities to say that I work hard, that I love my family, that I value the gifts we have that are like breathing to us.

What do your priorities say about you?


One thought on “Prioritizing so that everything is priority one.”

  1. Wonderful entry today. :) I have been feeling more recently as well, what I truly want for myself. But you pretty much said it all. Have a great day.


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