12 from 2012 and 13 for 2013

12 Things I Learned In 2012…

1) Taking that dreaded first step is worth it.

2) Re-watching all of LOST is almost as intense as watching it the first time, if not more. Serious.

3) Family is a privilege, not a right. Something we can all stand to learn over and over again.

4) Standards have nothing to do with “where you come from”, you decide what standards you hold. And how high they are.

5) Broken hearts can resurface. But that doesn’t mean you are weak.

6) Some friendships are replaceable, some are not. Hold tight to who you love regardless of distance.

7) When I stopped watching Grey’s Anatomy mid-season 4 I should have never picked it back up 4 years later. That show is without a doubt the most masochistic dramatic show ever. It is NO ER and it never will be. The only good thing on Grey’s is Jackson Avery. But, wait a couple of years and they’ll kill him off the show with a sudden and violent death.

Yes, I’m bitter.

I digress.

8) People will try to make you who they want you to be, you only have to fit your mold. Not theirs.

9) Everyone has gifts and talents. Some use them, few use them correctly.

10) This is coming from a girl who HATES gray areas: not everything is black and white. I know, it’s hard for me to even type this… But it’s true.

11) Love is entirely more powerful and complicated than one could predict.

12) The only person that can limit you is you. Don’t live in limitations.

13 Things I Plan On For 2013…

1) To see some of my favorite people get married. You know who you are, the whole lot of you. ;)

2) To write. Whether by novel, screen play, blog, journal, back of my hand.

3) To embrace the future with excitement instead of intimidation.

4) To watch The Office come to its end. You guys, it’s more than time…

5) To not be afraid of how long something will last, but to always be in “the now” of life.

6) TO REUNITE WITH MY SISTERHOOD. You know who you are, this needs to happen, yo.

7) To be grateful in everything, I have been given more than enough to be grateful for. May I never lose sight of that.

8) To escape into paintings or drawings regularly.

9) To take time for myself. This would sound selfish or silly, except that I never do take time for myself. I have always had people in my life that looked out for me when I didn’t look out for myself. I don’t have that anymore, which is fine, it just means I need to learn to take the time to take care of myself.

10) To be reunited with my book collection… Sigh, I miss them so…

11) To say goodbye to some things and some people, believing that some goodbyes are for the best.

12) To take more risks and make fewer mistakes.

13) To love the people put in my life the way they deserve to be loved.


7 thoughts on “12 from 2012 and 13 for 2013”

  1. Loved this post. You’ve learned a lot this year! Way to go, girl!

    Just started watching LOST on hulu, not hooked just yet, but we’ll see.

    Did you stop watching Grey’s when they killed George off? Cause I’m still totally bitter about that. And you’re right, Jackson Avery is pretty much the only thing worth watching on it now. Oh heeeeeey, Jackson ;)

  2. Completely loved this especially 2012’s number 4! Completely agree with this “The only good thing on Grey’s is Jackson Avery” although you hate that i think i’m a fan! And laughed at the thing you always tell me about your blogs!! love and miss you x


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