The unpopular opinion.

In fifth grade, after finishing the D.A.R.E. program our teachers had us each write a paper about what we thought of D.A.R.E. and what we learned from it.

I sat down to write my paper and I was honest. I wrote that I understand why they feature the program, what the purpose is, and that it is a wonderful program… But I don’t think it will actually help, I think it will not keep students from trying drugs and alcohol. In fifth grade wording I wrote my opinion on why I believed that in the end the D.A.R.E. program was rather pointless.

Upon my teachers reading it, I was pulled out of recess the next day to rewrite my paper in favor of the D.A.R.E. program.

At 10-years-old I learned something about the world. People don’t want to hear the unpopular opinion, but that does not mean the opinion is wrong.

That being said…

I have moved again…

9th time in 4.5 years. Still in Los Angeles, still loving life (even more). Now I will settle my roots, dig them in, and build up my plans and dreams.

God is good, California is beautiful, and it’s only getting better from here.


2 thoughts on “The unpopular opinion.”

  1. I am so happy to see how happy you are Leslie! You’re doing amazing things. God has very special plans for you, and I know that you are strong enough to handle whatever life throws at you. Truly and inspiration girl, I am blessed to call you family.


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