New obsession: The Mentalist

What the heck, you guys?

WHERE has the show The Mentalist been the last five years of my life?!

Honestly, my love for The Mentalist is similar to my love for Nutella, or Friends, or comfy pair of hot heels, it simply cannot be expressed enough.

Top 5 Reasons For Leslie’s New Obsession:


1. It’s HILARIOUS. I have yet to watch an episode that didn’t make me bust out laughing. The show is like a more intense and wittier Psych. Oh, it’s definitely got the intensity to it–like, seriously–but unlike Law & Order: SVU or Grey’s Anatomy, The Mentalist doesn’t make me cry or consider giving up on it.

2. Agent Cho. What? Yes. Kimball Cho’s dry responses regardless of the situation are an absolute favorite. I don’t even have anymore to say on that one. Cho is a boss.

3. The Jane and Lisbon relationship. Who doesn’t love it? That too personal platonic relationship. (I.E. Jack and Liz on 30 Rock or Stabler and Benson on Law & Order: SVU.) But Jane and Lisbon’s relationship is the perfect combination joking with each other and protecting each other.

4. It makes tea drinking awesome. Patrick Jane literally never turns down an offer for tea, in fact he often makes himself a cup of tea whenever the supplies are present, whether that be after breaking in to someone’s home or the home of a recent murder victim. The man loves tea. As he should, tea is delicious.


5. Patrick Jane, himself. What a dreamy man. He has this endearingly deep sadness and passion but also this wit that is so clever and charming you just want to follow him around like a puppy. His hunt for Red John is so intense that you find yourself feeling like you’re a part of the investigation. Aside from his personal manhunt he has this way of messing with people just for the fun of it that is nothing short of heroic, if you like a good joke. Not to mention that little smile he gets after messing with someone. Then there are the moments when he’s enjoying orchestra music or randomly starts dancing when you just (if you’re me) tilt your head to the side and think, this guy is perfect.

I rest my case.

Yes, it was genuinely necessary for me to share this new obsession. You should definitely get on The Mentalist train. It’s never too late.


2 thoughts on “New obsession: The Mentalist”

  1. I am on “the mentalist train” as you put it. ;) An awesome showw. One of like, two shows that I watch, lol. Great post, I could not have worded it better. ;)


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