Quotes, rice, and JLaw.

Today my phone only used up less than 20% battery.

A few weeks ago I could have killed 20% of my phone’s battery within minutes.

It’s fascinating what you find when you take a step back from yourself and look at your life. It’s funny, the deeper I’ve gotten into society the more my bones have ached to run for the hills. Burn my social security card, buy a 5-pound bag of rice, and live in the woods. Such as my hero Alexander Supertramp did. Lately I’ve been having the first part of the main line from the book/movie playing on repeat in my head.

“Two years he walks the earth. No phone, no pool, no pets, no cigarettes. Ultimate freedom. An extremist. An aesthetic voyager whose home is the road.”

I know, I have a lot of lines and scenes play out in my head. I read a lot of books, I watch a lot of movies, the memory palace retains quotes quite well. (Also, “the memory palace” is a Mentalist reference. I LOVE THAT SHOW.) Unless you boycott all entertainment outlets then you are most certainly swayed by books and film too. I can genuinely say that Into the Wild changed my life. Have I  burned my identity and hitchhike to the Northwest? No, not yet anyway. 

Lately I’ve been feeling like a suffer from Life Deficit Disorder. Which, if you’re wondering is a made-up disease, and if you’re a hypochondriac, yes, you probably have it too.

Life gets heavy, people start to want a lot from you, then sometimes you forget what you want for yourself, you lose vision. And then you find yourself staring out the window, your mind playing, “Two years he walks the Earth…” and you begin to think. Think, is this the first time I have been here? Or have I circled back to this point in my life?

I know all the things I want and dream for in my life. I just don’t know how then can all co-exist and come true in the same little life. I suppose as with anything else, we’ll see.

Also, so you don’t think I was devoid of technology today just because I hardly touched my phone, I watched this video like 9 times. Gosh, I love Jennifer Lawrence. So do you. It’s why she’s our favorite.


One thought on “Quotes, rice, and JLaw.”

  1. she is hilarious. I made Chad watch that video the other day.
    also, I’m glad to stay somewhat connected to you on here. I like to think I can relate to many of your words. wish we would have had a chance to meet up before you moved, but at least technology can be a wonderful thing. hope you’re well. (:


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