For the love of Timberlake.

JT - Press Photo 2 (Credit Tom Munro RCA R.JPG

I have listened almost solely to Justin Timberlake for the last week and a half. I would wake up with wake up with “Losing My Way” playing in my head and songs like “My Love” would make me dance around all week as it played in my head.

Seriously, ask anyone who’s been around me in the past week, I’ve sang a JT song to them–more than likely against their wishes.

In my defense, the man has been everywhere. There was the hype and awesomeness of him being on SNL  for his 5th time hosting, and then all last week he was on Jimmy Fallon singing a new song or acting in a sketch. It was a glorious week and a half of endless Timberlake. And tomorrow his new album The 20/20 Experience is released.

Some of you are probably like, “OMG are you seriously blogging about Justin Timberlake right now, Leslie?” To that I say, duh. I feel like I go back and forth from blogging about orphans or the meaning to life to blogging about celebrities and TV shows or movies. I am completely okay with that. BTW my generation came up with Timberlake, from being a Mouseketeer (along with Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Ryan Gosling) to NSYNC to his acting career to The 20/20 Experience… We (I) love Justin.

I enjoyed this week and a half of JT very much so I wanted to share a few favorite moments.

SNL: Fiver-Timers Club, if you’re a Saturday Night Live fan, you adored this. I know I did.,p0,d1

And if you’re a real SNL fan you probably didn’t love Fallon on SNL, nor did I. I did LOVE The Barry Gibb Talk Show that Jimmy and Justin would do, sometimes I still get that show’s theme song stuck in my head. Anyway, I think Jimmy and Justin are really funny together and I really enjoyed the 4th History of Rap.,p0,d1

Lastly, his new song “Let The Groove Get In”. Gonna be a good album, y’all.,p20,d1

There you have it, I hope you get JT stuck in your head for a week. It leads to lots of dancing around, which is always a good thing.


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