New (Old) Obsession: The Infernal Devices

So I just finished The Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare which was the third, and final of The Infernal Devices trilogy.


Which was a prequel to The Mortal Instruments. Can I just tell you that I love, absolutely love the way it ended. It had me in some mixed emotions throughout, but the ending couldn’t have been better.

I started reading The Mortal Instruments trilogy in 2008, they were glorious, it seriously helped to fill the hole in my heart after all the Harry Potter books were out and done. I really enjoyed the trilogy, and then suddenly Cassandra announced she’d be writing three more books in The Mortal Instruments series as well as a prequel trilogy.

The Mortal Instruments covers

To be honest, so far, I haven’t loved the 4th and 5th books of Mortal Instruments, hoping girlfriend pulls it all together and redeems it in the 6th book.

However, I loved every bit of The Infernal Devices trilogy. It was everything I loved about Mortal Instruments set in the 1800’s.

So as a shout out to the end of this lovely trilogy here are my five reasons for my New (Old) Obsession:

1) The Bromance. Literally, I’ve never loved a guy-besties situation as much as I loved Jem and Will’s. And that is saying a lot because for years I loved the bromance that was Turk and JD on Scrubs. The whole sense and meaning of the parabatai was so intriguing and sweet to me, and the way it was based off the friendship of the Biblical Jonathan and David, I loved it. The way the parabatai connection never had any jealousy or selfishness in their friendship was so endearing, and also made for the most bittersweet love triangle scenario.

2) Charlotte (Fairchild) Branwell. I genuinely want to be Charlotte when I grow up. She was the ideal picture of a strong leading woman, especially in a time when women did not lead. She had this way of being so nurturing and caring to all the young Shadowhunters at the Institute while also keeping such a clear head and being a fierce warrior. Seriously, I want to be her.

3) A non-annoying-female-lead. A great deal of lead female characters, particularly in YA Novels, tend to annoy me. They start out chill and independent and then they fall in love and become so emotionally driven that they begin to unravel everything, including themselves. Clary in The Mortal Instruments really started to get on my nerves as the books went on. Tessa I really did enjoy though, she was in love, doubly so. (Haha, see, like if you read the books you’d get that joke…) But Tessa was a fighter to the end, and love didn’t make her weak. She was much more of a Katniss circa book 1.

4) The Family Trees. On the cover sleeve of The Clockwork Princess there is a family tree for the Lightwoods, Herondales, and Carstairs families. This highly impressed me, perhaps I’m easily impressed, it’s possible, but the way Cassandra Clare connected the stories of family generations between 200 years difference was truly impressive to me. The little details that played out in the 1800’s that we learned about in early 2000’s, I loved it. Listen to me, I sound like I just read some historical books, well, the books do correlate with the Bible a lot… Which is like the history book. Just sayin’.

5) Magnus Bane. The convenient thing about this reason is that he applies to both The Mortal Instrument series and The Infernal Devices trilogy. Oh, that adorable gay warlock with his clever wit, outrageous fashion sense, and the way he always comes through when he’s needed. Love me some Magnus Bane. I wish he was real, like warlock-ness aside, he and I would be besties.



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