A little DTR with my blog.

Took some backyard photos the other day, spring is just so lovely I had to share.
Took some backyard photos of the rosebushes. Welcome, spring.

Dear Blog,

I think of you often.

More often I find myself wondering what on earth to do about you. Where is this going, you know?

I read blogs that have thousands of followers and they talk about shoes. They may post a picture or two of their kid and/or an outfit, they write at most a few paragraphs, and they are adored in the blogosphere. Then I read other blogs filled with such depth and humanity that I am moved to change the world, and I am one of only a couple dozen of their readers. This gives me a mixture of pity and distain for the minds of my generation that their interest can lie on such shallow levels.

Yet, sometimes I think, meh, should I just post the little photography (see rose picture) I play around with and make this one of those blogs… I do love fashion, and juicing, and crafts, I could do a blog like that.

Sometimes I literally take up time in my head considering what to do about us, blog. Because, really, it’s almost silly of me to even have you, blog. This is the technical “before” time for all intents and purposes. This is my early twenties. This is when I’m single, attempting that c-word career, this is when I rack up the number of roommates I’ve had in my lifetime, that time in my life when everyone around me is getting engaged or knocked up.

If I was married with kids I could post pictures of my kids and stories of date nights and homemade stain removers (side note: dear God, may I never post a blog about stain remover), devoid of those twenties-Girls-issues of roommates and dating and not affording rent. If I had a career I could have a Liz Lemon-esque blog about being a successful working woman, talk about having it all.

I could tell you for days about my heart for adoption, my dreams of traveling, I could tell you how greatly I aspire to do something and be someone great. But then again… I guess that is what we have, blog. We have my dreams, my anecdotes, my heartbreak, my love, occasionally my television and book obsessions, we have the ever-progressing “before” of a life unfolding.

We have heart, blog, we have heart. And no one can sway us with their shopping day findings or their brilliant crepes recipes, damn it. We have heart at the center, and where this little blog leads, it leads.

Thanks for letting me talk this out to you, blog.

XOXO Gossip Girl …whoops, I meant Leslie

Been watching a BIT too much Gossip Girl lately…


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