Show me how big your brave is.

I have been certain about very little in life these days, but here are some things I am certain of:

Being single is AWESOME. People spend way too much time wishing they weren’t single instead of enjoying the journey of getting to know yourself.

Kite flying is so peaceful. Even when you have no idea how to properly fly a kite, see exhibit A, and the fact that my kite is like 3 feet high in the air.

exhibit A
exhibit A

I believe in destiny. I have always believed everything happens for a reason, but as I trip through my life I think I have come to believe there is something in our lives that no matter what side paths we take, we will still end up where we’re destined to be. Whether we acknowledge that destiny is another story though…

Fringe is a seriously good show. I love anything J.J. Abrams, and I was (still am) in love with LOST, that show messed me up, and Fringe fills the hole LOST left in my heart, for the most part.

I’m happy for them, and happy for me. It’s wedding season, and a good portion of my unmarried friends are about to join my married friends column. Yesterday I was reading my friend’s dating and engagement story on their little wedding website and I started crying. Not because I want to be married or because I’m jealous, but because I’m genuinely so happy for them. And, I’m so happy I’m not where they are.

I’m in love with Sara Bareilles’ new single, Brave. It’s such a fun and inspiring song, Sara is amazing as ever, the video is people dancing around in public (one of my favorite things in the WORLD), and the music video was directed by Rashida Jones?! Shut up, it’s too perfect. Plus it’s a great song for my life right now, join me in loving it…

I think it’s important we see the little things around us, enjoy flying a kite or a fun music video while in the thick of this crazy falling apart world we live in. If we don’t take in the little joys, the little blessings, how can we enjoy the big ones?



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