See ya in another life, brotha.

Today I am imagining the possibility of alternate universes.

The idea that there are other Leslies out there, similar to me, but different. Going down different paths, making different decisions that provide different outcomes.

There’s the Leslie that went to art school, she’s all Lena Kaligaris in her ways. Deep, thoughtful, shy, her hands being able to express what’s inside better than her words ever could. She’s not bold, she’s barely brave, but she enjoys her quiet life of expressing herself through her art. This Leslie finds her identity and understanding in the emotions displayed in her art.

There’s the Leslie that became a missionary, she followed the pull in her heart for the people that are without all over the world. Even though her heart may ache with the endless needs of those hurting, her arms are always holding someone, always giving what she can give, love. She marries a fellow missionary and they do all they can to meet people’s needs. This Leslie has a heart easily moved by the hurting, she has happily lost herself in the culture she serves in, she loves to help people with her husband by her side.

There’s the Leslie that fights crime, she uses her innate sense of justice and discernment to put a stop to evil in the world. With her wisdom and intuition she is able to understand the reasoning of criminals in order to put a stop to them. This Leslie is strong, determined, single-minded, she believes in what she does but it takes a toll on her ability to let people into her life.

There’s the Leslie that married a youth pastor, she met the godly man of her dreams. They dated that brisk 1.5 years, engaged for a prompt 6 months, then they began their ministry together pouring into middle schoolers and high schoolers. This Leslie is very kind and open with just the right amount of  sass, she lives the life all their youth group girls hope to live one day.

There’s the Leslie that’s a career woman, she is a total Mindy Lahiri. Tough-ass driven woman who worked hard to build her career. She takes the extreme stress with a grain of salt knowing it’s part of the job, and at the end of each day she is proud of her accomplishments. This Leslie is a bit of an island, she drinks more glasses of wine than she gives hugs.

There’s the Leslie living her wanderlust, she is freelance to the core. With a taste for travel as a young age she becomes a nomad only making money enough to further her travels, tied down by nothing and no one she travels the world freely. She writes and photographs what she sees and experiences, hoping one day to share it with someone. This Leslie enjoys her freedom, tries to ignore her loneliness, she lives in the moment and sees beauty in every adventure.

I could go on and on…

Part of my writing this has to do with my watching things like Fringe, LOST, and The Butterfly Effect. But it’s more that I kind of wish I could fit multiple lives into one, so many very different things I would love to do and be. It got me thinking thoughts like, maybe in another life there’s a Leslie that… Maybe that Leslie got that job… Maybe that Leslie became this… Maybe that Leslie got to marry him…

Is it insane to say it’s a comforting thought?

Alternate universes, geez, if you didn’t know how much of a nerd I am before, you certainly know now.


3 thoughts on “See ya in another life, brotha.”

  1. I completely understand and find it very comforting that I have “met” someone like you who shares a lot of the strange but amazing thoughts of ‘what is or could be’. :)

  2. This is so beautifully eccentric and completely authentic. Completely Leslie. These parts are all pieces of you, and I really love how I see different sides emerge at different times. All good, and all a part of your spirit. You’re pretty amazing, friend.


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