I bought a couch, it was slightly terrifying.


Guys! This is my new couch! I have named it Little Cauch (couch pronounced with a German accent).

I first saw this baby at a vintage store with some friends about a month ago. I sat on it and immediately dreamed of having a silly little home to put it in. Having somewhere to hang my paintings and pictures, somewhere for my books to finally all be in the same location with me again.

I told the woman selling it I might come back for it, knowing though that I probably wouldn’t.

The ache to settle down and put down some roots has been growing strong in me lately. I have lived short term in over a dozen different places (nation wide) in the last 5 years. I have accumulated over two dozen roommates (ya, I’ve got some stories).

Everyone keeps saying to me, “Wow, living out of a suitcase must be exciting!” Exciting stopped quite a few homes ago. I’m tired. Tired of this nomad life. You guys, I don’t even own a bed. I haven’t had a bed of my own since I lived with my parents. I literally have just used an extra bed everywhere I’ve lived for the last 5 years, including a time of an air mattress being my bed.

So the idea that me, lives-out-of-suitcases-Leslie, would buy a couch seemed ridiculous to me. Considering my current home is another temporary home, where I am sleeping on an extra bed that isn’t actually mine. All my possessions can fit in my car, and have, many times over.

But a couple days ago and I went and bought this tiny sky blue velvet love seat and named it Little Cauch. Because I want a home that I know I will reside in for years at a time, I want to belong, and put roots down. And this is a step in that direction. This is me buying something that won’t fit in my car. This is me giving up a piece of nomad life.

I’m not there yet, I’m not at my place of putting roots down, but I think I’m headed there… Wherever there is.


3 thoughts on “I bought a couch, it was slightly terrifying.”

  1. This is me loving that you took that leap! Roots take time–and I know you know this, but this is you “watering” them to have them take hold!!! XOXO


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