The thing about Miley Cyrus…


I have had a lot of conversations with people about Miley lately. Who are we kidding, we’ve all had a lot of conversations about Miley lately. It fascinates me the different opinions everyone has, from “Wow…” to “God, I hate her!”

I’ve never had trouble viewing celebrities as people, probably because I don’t have a problem viewing people as people. One of my favorite segments that Jimmy Kimmel has on his show is when he has celebrities read some of the mean/crude/downright awful tweets that people have tweeted at them. I think it’s an excellent reminder to everyone that celebrities are real people with real feelings.

And that’s what it is: Miley is twenty-years-old. She’s been in the spotlight since she was born. She just went through breaking off an engagement, at twenty-years-old. She is struggling to find her identity outside of Disney, daddy, and her ex. She’s just a girl… Not yet a woman. I’m sorry, I could NOT resist quoting a Britney Spears song right there. But seriously, she’s a twenty-year-old girl searching for her identity and gettin’ a little crazy while doing it. And, shockingly, Miley is in fact NOT the only one who has done crazy things while searching for who she is. Though unlike most twenty-somethings going crazy trying to find themselves, the world is watching her through her process.

Miley Cyrus is insanely talented. If you saw her sing on SNL this weekend you would know that. (BTWz it was fully appropriate and fully amazing.) I’m aware that Miley is making her own choices to be 90% naked at every performance and dance around like a stripper, she’s choosing this. That’s fine, that’s her choice. However, I blame her audience for why she continues to choose this. I blame us and our reactions to her.

Our reactions to her outfits, photos, music videos, performances have been so. much. stronger. than our reaction to her killer new music.

If you had never seen the video to Wrecking Ball, how much more seriously could you take the song and her as an artist? Exactly. Honestly, can we all just stop talking about the negatives and saying “What a shame…” when discussing Miley Cyrus?

I mean this is basic human interaction: praise the part in people that you want to see more of. It encourages them to grow in that area. If we all encouraged Miley’s music and stopped attacking her behavior, what do you think would happen? Instead we, from people who have 70 followers on twitter to Sinead O’Connor, are all listing what we wish Miley would stop doing. And we say we’re just trying to help.

Pointing out negative behavior doesn’t make anyone better. You have to encourage and build up the good people do if you want them to do better.

We all like to think we’re just consumers and what was we say and do doesn’t matter. That’s never been true, what we say and do has always mattered, on small scales and on large ones.

I support Miley through this process in her life. If for no other reason, it’s because she’s a fellow human being, and we shouldn’t be rooting against anyone in life.


One thought on “The thing about Miley Cyrus…”

  1. I almost wrote a blog post just like this a week or two ago. I had this “epiphany” so to speak that I was, in fact, a FAN of Miley Cyrus. I guess I kind of always have been. I think she’s talented. Her new music is killing it. Sure, I wish I didn’t have to see her licking a sledgehammer…but like you said, she’s just a girl trying to find herself and unfortunately has to do that under the microscope of people who don’t even really know her. She’s doing what works, because her audience is making it work.

    Well said, my dear!


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