They’re just touched by something extra.

I’m a firm believer one shouldn’t go through life without good stories.

Funny stories. Ironic stories.

Big-mistake stories. Heartbreaking stories.

Embarrassing stories. Traveling stories.

Humbling stories. Crazy stories.

Romantic stories. I-almost-died stories.

It was one of those fundamentals that I didn’t realize I stood on until I crossed someone one day whose “good stories” were just normal/typical life… And I remember thinking to myself, man, I don’t want those stories.

I want stories like the recent one I told my brother the other night where his response was, “Ya, don’t tell mom that story…” I want stories that will make people cry when they hear it, whether from laughter or heartbreak. I want stories that inspire. I want stories that make others crave life. I don’t want the same stories everyone else has. I don’t want to walk through life without adventure or being terrified, without tragedy or late night talks.

I have made decisions in a moment that I thought were the dumbest decisions I ever made that ended up impacting my life for the better. When I was 15 an old drunk lady in Australia kissed my cheek and changed my life. I’ve talked to a man on a Wanted poster. I have pulled off some pretty good pranks, and I have certainly had some good ones done on me. I have gone skydiving. I’ve had a descendant of Elvis Presley kiss me on the neck. Nearly a dozen times throughout my travels I’ve end up assisting and staying with an elderly woman while she travels as well, I call them my travel grandmas. I have had my heart broken to the point where I couldn’t breathe. And I have felt my heart grow three sizes like The Grinch’s. I’ve been held at gun point by a stranger holding a fake gun. I’ve seen a lot in my little life and I have no regrets.

I know my life scares the hell out of my poor mother. But as many insane scenarios as I have ended up in I absolutely love this life I’m living. Maybe it’ll mellow out one day, maybe it won’t. I assure you I will never stop collecting stories though.

People settle. It’s something as a whole that we’re far too good at. But I refuse to settle.

And I honestly think that’s the main reason I have such good stories.


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