On moving back to Los Angeles:


There once was a girl who dreamt of changing the world. She thought often about what that would look like, what her role would be, who she had to become, where she would end up.

She spent her heart trusting and believing. Waiting for what was to come. Seeing every little thing that came her way as preparation and signs of the life she was supposed to live. She took each challenge with encouragement and excitement, knowing she would only be stronger.

One day, unexpectedly her heart broke for a city she had rarely considered before. Suddenly the world was turned upside down, plans that made sense now seemed to pale in comparison. Slowly she realized how vital that city was to her heart, to her life, to her plans.

And so she worked, she did everything she could to make her way to that city. Though few, if any of the people surrounding her in her little town could understand why she felt such a pull to such a place. But she knew, she knew it was wear she belonged. So she carried on believing.

Before she knew it the planning was over and the day had arrived, she would finally be in that city that her heart longed for, that she dreamt of often. Finally.

What this girl did not realize though, was that she had a tear in her heart, and it was leaking. Not literally of course, the girl was in good health. But she still did not realize the torn state of her heart while she ventured on this new journey.

As you can assume, this leaking heart ended up causing quite some damage over time. Like a ship with a small hole, slowly drowning. So slowly it’s hard to notice until you’ve sunk.

Some time later after arriving in the city of her dreams this girl woke up and felt at once just how much her heart had been leaking. She was devastated, she did not know how to repair the tear, let alone fill her heart full of all it had lost. And so she stepped away from the city she loved to find the source of the tear and have it mended.

Now… This girl who is not so much a girl anymore, this woman, has her heart mended, and she knows her heart better now so that she would be able to see if it ever tried to leak again. This woman is headed home to her city that she dreams of, that she longs for. Back to the place she knows she belongs. And even though some of the people around her understand why even less this time, she does not worry. For this woman has a faith and a trust that she just didn’t have before when her heart slowly leaked.

I would love to say this woman lived happily ever after, but there is still so much living to be done for her.

[[Indeed, I’m moving back to LA, tomorrow. I have accepted a job with The Giving Keys–SO psyched and blessed!–and this plan has come together perfectly, could not be happier! Thankful to the max!]]


3 thoughts on “On moving back to Los Angeles:”

  1. Glad to hear you went back. I know how much you love Los Angelus! Your an awesome person. I also enjoyed reading ur blog.


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