The year is almost over…


I wrote a blog last year saying the 12 things I had learned in 2012, and the 13 things I planned on for 2013. I’ve reread this blog a couple times recently as 2013 draws to a close. It’s funny, when I wrote that blog I had a certain view of how this year was going to go…

But this year was… This year was kind of a bitch.

Honestly, I cannot wait for 2013 to be done with.

So instead of setting expectations for 2014 I am just going to welcome it with open arms. Hug it close because it ended the hell that was 2013. Though I’m going to believe, as I tried my best to all throughout 2013, that the best is yet to come.

And really, I guess it was after all.

I am closing out 2013 by recently starting my dream job working for The Giving Keys. Could not be happier and could not feel more blessed to work for such an amazing company. To be done interning and volunteering my time and life (dear Lord, I hope for GOOD) and to be paid to work at a job I love and believe in is, as I said, a total dream.

The people I work with are amaze, I get to wear my own clothes, I feel what I do is helping to make the world–definitely Los Angeles–a better place, and we have killer dance parties… Dream. Job.

Most everything in my life for the last five years has been temporary, this isn’t.

So I suppose I already love you, 2014.

As this difficult year finally comes to an end I look back over it and see so many wonderful connections and memories that have made an impact on me in the most wonderful way. I’m a firm believer that the junk we go through is never for nothing, even though it may feel that way at the time.

Take it from me friends, looking forward in life no matter your circumstances is the best way to live.

God is good and life is beautiful!


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