I believe communication CAN exist.


This past week I dedicated a ridiculous amount of thought time to figuring out what the hell was going on between me and this guy, when suddenly a new guy entered the scene seeming pretty great…

This has nothing to do with last week leading to Valentine’s Day, this has to do with last week being a regular week of life.

Sometimes I think, there has to be simplicity out there somewhere. There has to be a relationship that isn’t a minefield of confusing games and misunderstood words.

And I mean that far beyond the guy/girl aspect.

There must be a way to communicate well and have healthy relationships with those around you devoid of consistent pain.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about communication. I pride myself on being someone who was taught well how to communicate and resolve conflicts, literally–I spent years being taught those subjects. And Lord knows I don’t always ace them, but the amount of times I have had to go back and repair relationships because of miscommunications that happened ages ago is astonishing.

We are people, we are frail, we are all vulnerable whether we like to think so or not. But there must exist some rightful balance between honesty, vulnerability, and thick skin.

There must be a way to go through this life without growing more and more numb to emotions, and on the flip side, there must be a way to go through life without letting your emotions reign your behavior.

Unfortunately, I’m not offering any answers. This is a blog written by a girl on her way to gather wisdom, not a girl who has all the answers, remember?

But I do believe there is a happy medium. I’ve witnessed people that take care of themselves and others in a way that gentle and effortless, yet thoroughly practiced.

For myself, I think the beginning of finding that medium is to surround myself with people who handle their emotions well and communicate in a healthy way. If you want to be like someone, be around them, and it will happen. (Though that fact has positive and negative consequences attached.)

And for all of us, I think we should get in the habit of dealing with the thorn in our side the moment we feel it. Don’t wait for the pain and agitation to get worse than it could be.



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