LA Bucket Listing: Road trip to Vegas

A co-worker and I threw around the idea of going to Las Vegas for a night or two a few weeks back. I’d never been, she visits regularly. Suddenly, we had a Saturday night picked, a hotel booked, and a few of us were Vegas bound.

I loved Vegas. It’s so much fun. The amount of references I made to the Vegas episodes of Friends/The Hangover was pretty ridiculous. But, I officially Viva Las Vegas.

Photos… (I took like 100 photos, 60ish of which were of the Bellagio water show. Which I watched three times. Hashtag tourist.)


Bellagio Conservatory
Bellagio Conservatory
Slotssss. Big money.
Slotssss. Big money.
Is this the real Caesar's Palace?
Is this the real Caesar’s Palace?


Club promoters | Water show | Crazy drunk people | So much laughter | Gambling

Perfect first time in Vegas.





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