Why this single girl hated the ending of How I Met Your Mother.

If you haven’t seen the series finale of How I Met Your Mother this is obviously going to be a **SPOILER ALERT**.

Last Forever: Part One

In case you forgot I was pretty stoked for the ending of the show, I may have even blogged about the show once, or twice, or three times… (I have an obsessive personality, so what.) But when I finally saw the ending I was so incredibly let down that it actually ruled my thoughts for a couple of days.

I’ve never been too terribly disappointed with the ending of any television show, particularly sitcoms, I didn’t think it was possible to end a sitcom so poorly. I was proved wrong.

The final season of the show had me falling in love all over again. Seeing Ted meet this woman of his dreams that he always believed was out there was surprisingly overwhelmingly sweet. I probably cried through half of the season because I’m a sucker for sitcoms and seriously–it was that precious.

Then the series finale happened and I sat there feeling regret that I had ever watched the show. I’ll narrow my despise down to two specific reasons to avoid me ranting via blog for the next week.

1. You can’t have it all. When Robin and Barney announced they’d gotten divorced (over a thirty second scene after the ENTIRE last season being all about their wedding) I shook my head. Robin always wanted a career, we all knew that, but the fact that her career is what drove the divorce after only a few years of marriage was so upsetting to me as a woman building her own career.

For years I have valued the “Liz Lemon Mindset” of having it all. But within a few years of this fictional marriage Robin and Barney quit their vows because of her job? As if her working was anything new? Two career driven people that respected that in each other couldn’t stand to stay together hardly at all.

2. The entire show was a “re-return”. The fact that Ted ended up with Robin at the eventual end was nauseating to me. Dozens of times throughout the series Ted realized why he and Robin should NOT be together and yet when they were older and the mom had died, they end up together.

I hated this because I hate the idea that we inevitably end up with someone who isn’t even a good fit for us just because we can’t move on and make a clean break.

(Side note: found it really weird that Ted Mosby, mega romantic that helped plan other people’s weddings, waited 7 years and two kids later to finally spontaneously marry the mom.)

(Second side note: I won’t even mention the fact that Barney remained a pervy dude into his 40’s until he finally got a random woman knocked up and had a daughter then changed his ways.)

You guys, I actually am aware that these people are fictional. That this is not a biographical show. That these characters are in no way correlated to my life. But I was really enjoying this final season of seeing characters settle down in their lives with the right people, only to fast forward into the future and see that none of it really worked out.

We live in a day and age where people believe in prenups more than they believe in the one. We believe more strongly in shacking up than tying the knot. For a minute I thought this show would provide us with a lovely view of that foreign trend: staying together. Instead it became more (fictional) evidence to us that commitment is fleeting and moving on is impossible.

I refuse to accept the How I Met Your Mother finale.

I believe commitment is possible and baggage is unnecessary.

With this, I am done talking about this show. Hopefully forever.


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