It is the East,

Tonight while I was taking a bath I put my head under water so that my ears were filled with water and all I could hear was an echoing silence. I enjoyed it for a moment then brought my head up. Immediately I could hear my roommate’s voice as he spoke on the phone, I could hear ambulance sirens on the street, I could even hear the World Cup playing from my neighbor’s home.

I put my head under water again, welcoming the silence.

On Sunday, after an extremely busy work week I took the morning off from life and spent it with Netflix. Scrolling through the options I came across the new Romeo & Juliet. I hadn’t seen it yet and am a fan of the play, writer, and all things from centuries before ours. So I watched it.

I was so into it you would think it was the first time I had ever experienced the story of Romeo and Juliet. Though, it wasn’t necessarily the movie itself or seeing the story played out for the first time in a few years, it was the words. I had forgotten how incredibly beautiful the words were. So lovely, in fact, it made me pull out my worn old copy of Romeo and Juliet to read the beautiful words with my own eyes.


There existed a time, not even that long ago, where words mattered. Where words were as sweet as honey. People knew how to express themselves in the most incredible words, and others longed to hear those words.

I’m sure we’ve all seen this meme.


Now, I love the Biebs. Don’t get me wrong. But this is a perfect example of what I’m saying. Not too long ago people knew how to put affection, and love, and life into words that were expressively stunning.

My favorite book is an incredible story about a little girl growing up in Nazi Germany–which that alone is a great part of the story–but one on of my favorite things about the book is following this girl as she falls in love with books, and more importantly, words. She learns the beauty and the power of words.

There is exactly that, power in words. They hold life and death in them. They can be transformative or destructive. They can be exquisite or pointless.

We live in a day and age where everything is just random noise. Loud noise at that, falling on top of each other, not a sound worth hearing. Don’t just be another voice, speaking for the hell of it.

May we never lose our ability to use our words rightly.



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