I’m deleting Facebook and never coming back.

I suppose it’s a combination of things really.

The other morning on my way to work I was listening to Ryan Seacrest talk with Oprah about how busy life is and Oprah was telling Ryan that slowing down is unrealistic for most people, but “taking time” in life is possible. Thought it was interesting, always good to get a little Oprah pep talk.

Then that night I watched the movie About Time. I remember seeing the first trailer for the movie ages ago, never had a chance to see it in theater and still had not seen it since it was on DVD. A couple days ago a guy I work with, who I constantly discuss movies/books/music with told me I should really see About Time. “It’s a proper Leslie film” he said.


I watched it. I sailed into sweet oblivion and laughed out loud to myself the whole way through until I got weepy at the end and loved every minute of it.

It’s funny though, because this afternoon I was thinking about writing a post about why I think Facebook is pretty okay. Then I watched About Time and decided that there truly is no need for Facebook (or social media in general, but I just love Instagram and some people are really witty on twitter as well). There’s just no time for it.

There’s no time for the comparing your life with someone else’s until you feel sick. No time for feeling like you’re going to be being judged if you post that. No time for seeing that someone was invited to an event that you aren’t invited to.

Now, I am not one of those on again/off again Facebook users. I went off once during a tough transition in life where I just wanted to step fully away from everything I could. But I went back on and haven’t complained a bit about “that Facebook”. Funny story, my friend has been off Facebook for over a year and she told me the other day the reason she deleted her Facebook is because a guy she had hung out with asked to be “in a relationship” with her on Facebook and she had no idea what to do so she deleted her Facebook and never went back.

I don’t consider Facebook to be a horrible time suck for me, the main reason I’ve kept it is to share my writings, whenever I do write. And even though I have seen videos like this and that I just hadn’t been fully propelled to kick the Facebook bucket until seeing About Time. That sweet film is perfect cocktail to drink up and make you want to change so many things about your life.

Like kicking that Facebook bucket.

There once was a time where people told each other news personally, instead of reading about something on your newsfeed. Today on Facebook I read the most disturbing news story I’ve ever heard and right below it was a new shirt style Katie Holmes is single handedly bringing back.

I realized in a little moment that there is nothing Facebook could show me that makes it worth keeping. No engagement, no wedding photo, no pregnancy announcement. No friend across the world that I just “have to have Facebook to keep in touch” with.

I want to live this life and that’s really all I want.


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