Don’t call it a comeback, but that’s kind of what it is.

I am a little bit in awe about the fact that I haven’t blogged even a smidgen in nearly two months. I oversee the blog at work and apparently that has dominated most of my creative juices. However, I’ve returned to my faithful little blog once more to ramble another day!

I’ll take this comeback post to get you up to speed on my life lately.

Currently obsessed with:

Music – Joel Alme // I watched the movie Happy Christmas which largely featured his music and now his tunes have become a happy place to me.

Movies – Dear White People // This movie is raw, hilarious, gut stirring, and beautiful. The fact that it is primarily based on true events is chilling. I highly recommend it.

Television – The Walking Dead // I can’t help but love this show. I’ve thought about letting it go a few times and then it draws me right back in, season 5 has brought me back in.

Books – The Bone Clocks // I’ve read a few of David Mitchell’s books now but this one is top notch. He is such an expressive writer. You can be following the narration of an asshole of a character and yet you are completely invested in where it’s going.

Work – The Giving Keys // Just celebrated my one year anniversary of working for The Giving Keys, and still adoring my job completely as we submerge into our busiest month of the year. Working with good people makes all the difference in your day to day happiness.

Romance – Boyfriend // Ya, got myself one of those pretty recently. He cooks, reads good books, and randomly breaks into song often. I like him. This blog may become much more boring without my feminist single woman rants. I’ll see what I can do about continuing the ranting.

Life – Future // I feel like I am taking solid steps toward the dreams I have for my life. It’s terrifying, kind of bittersweet, but when I really think about it my heart feels so full with the possibilities ahead.

Extra – Serial Podcast // If you have not yet jumped on this train do yourself a favor and jump! This podcast is literally taking us back to the 1950’s where we look forward to listening to the new episode every Thursday and can’t help but talk about it to everyone we know.

So that’s basically all you’ve missed about my life since I took my unintentional hiatus.

I’ll be around more often, I promise.



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