Don’t be like Ryan and Kelly.

Awhile back I watched the movie One Day, which a friend had kept telling me I needed to see.

I watched it, and did not have an inspirational About Time reaction with this movie. Just the opposite. I nearly had a How I Met Your Mother finale level reaction. I have become increasingly intense about our need for “clean breaks” in the last six months or so.

The lack of being able to fully break away, whether it be a job, a church, a relationship, even social media is proving to be a devastating affair for my generation.

We have on-again-off-again relationships with everything we do in life. We are noncommittal to the nth degree. Yet, we this have a debilitating fear of saying no and stepping forever away from the things that are damaging to us, because we ask ourselves, “what if it’s the best thing that will come along?” We break up and get back together with our exes. We beg our bosses to keep us in our dead end jobs that we complain about to everyone we know. We stay in churches that don’t further us along because finding a new one takes too much effort.

The question is, are we lazy and settling, or do we honestly not know how much more we deserve?

For as long as I can remember I have had this thought that I am not supposed to live an ordinary life. That my life has to, in some way, be different. Not an intense strive to be higher and do more than others, but I have just always had a desire to not settle for what other people settle for.

This deep seeded goal of mine has in a lot of ways not made life very comfortable/comforting. And often, when spending time around people who are living a life I would call settling (ugh, I know I’m the worst, I swear my horse is not that high! I just view things differently from others!) I spend time in their lives and I think that it’s actually rather wonderful, and maybe they know something I don’t know.

Each year that passes I come to learn more and more that there are seasons for everything. Something you want with all your heart in your 20’s may not be all you want in your 30’s, what you want most in your 30’s may not be something that matters to you in your 40’s, and so on and so forth. Priorities look different for everyone. The idea of “settling” looks different to everyone.

The fact remains though–especially to my fellow twenty-somethings–there is a big life out there full of great people and amazing opportunity and you don’t need to fight for things to stay in your life that do not build up your life.

I hate the idea that we circle back around to people who don’t bring out the best in us, that we settle for jobs that don’t fill our hearts.

There is truly so much more to this life than the majority will ever embrace.

Make clean breaks. Make getaways. Make the life you deserve.

 Don’t be like Ryan and Kelly from The Office.



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