14 Things I Learned in 2014

I gave this a shot a couple years ago and I liked it, and then last year was a rather horrible year so I didn’t want to even try. However, this year has probably been the best year of my life yet so I don’t think it will be difficult to share some things I’ve learned in this great year.

1. Having roommates you love is one of the greatest gifts. I’ve had all sorts of roommates, as I’ve said before I’ve accumulated over two dozen in my years, and I am telling you that living with people you genuinely want to spend time with is endless fun.

2. It isn’t easy to decide “a good thing” still isn’t enough, moving on to bigger and better things takes bravery but is so worth it.

3. Facebook just isn’t needed. Nuff said.

4. There is the opportunity for community everywhere, you just have to be looking for it.

5. After slowly but surely making my way through Cloud Atlas, and then reading two more of his books David Mitchell has become one of my favorite authors. He’s absolutely brilliant.

6. I’ve learned to show more affection, which has never been in my skill set.

7. Turns out not all sitcoms have good endings, like the How I Met Your Mother finale. Sigh. You knew I had to mention it, it was a pretty big part of my year.

8. Taking the power away from your past can make your present and future more powerful.

9. Also, being around someone who doesn’t give their past power over them is so attractive it becomes contagious.

10. It is good to keep talking about the dreams you have for your life, even if they are not immediately accessible.

11. I learned this year that returning home for a funeral is more important than returning home for a wedding, there is something so important about mourning with those who mourn, and you don’t realize the importance until you miss out on it.

12. Having people in your life that highly value honesty is such a gift.

13. I learned it is actually pretty easy to get a boyfriend, but waiting for a boyfriend that has the qualities you’re looking for is way better than dating any old schmo. (Don’t waste your time on something that’s less than what you deserve!)

14. Piggy backing off the last lesson–Having a good relationship is definitely way more fun than being single. But being single will always be better than settling in a relationship that isn’t worth your time.

I don’t really have set expectations for 2015, I just know it’s going to be a good one. I chose to open my arms and welcome in 2014 so I am doing the same for 2015. Embracing opportunity and the beloved people around me.



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