About being engaged.

For almost a few months now I’ve been meaning to write about being engaged.

You may have noticed it being mentioned in my last post, but I wanted to take the chance in this brief engagement season to talk about what he has brought to my life.

I had it mentioned to me recently that my blog previously railed against couples. Which, was a bummer thing to hear. Obviously, I am aware I was always an outspoken single woman. And being single, of course, there are moments where it is difficult to be around couples. There is at times a real ache of loneliness when single. But it has been my intention that the things I have shared on my blog would empower those of us in our singleness, to follow our dreams and achieve our goals.

Nevertheless, maybe the single woman rants have been hung up, but as seen in my last post I will continue to rant.

Back to the point, I am engaged. And in love, and so very ready to spend the rest of my life with this one fella. Just after dating for six months he asked me to marry him while we were in a bookstore we love and my knees felt simultaneously locked in place and made of gelatin. The ring, thoughtful and perfect. The guy, even more so.


Now I am doing my best to bravely suffer endure through wedding planning because after the wedding I get to keep him forever.

He’s very much my dream guy, but in an oh so human way. He’s what I want and need, he is who he is and is not something I have built up in my head. We have great communication. We write love letters. We are safe with each other. We have fun. We read to each other. We talk out issues. We are different but not at all opposites. We support each other’s dreams. We’re on each other’s team.

A couple years ago I broke down the type of guy I wanted to be with in a blog. I am marrying that guy. I am not seeking an audience of awwws I am merely hoping that at least one single girl reads this blog post and believes me when I say, not all guys are jokers.

About a month before my guy proposed, but I knew it wouldn’t be long before he did, I was talking with a friend about why certain things happen for some people and not for others. I am young to have found a lifelong partner I want to marry. Why do I get to have it handed to me pretty easily and quickly, when other women wait and wait and try and try to meet that one who they can venture the rest of their life with?

It’s a question I don’t know the answer to and sometimes I struggle with. This engagement is a swift and sweet time, but I find myself intentionally trying not to shout it from the rooftops so to speak. I am happy, but I don’t want to crush anyone with my happiness.

I think I have managed to find a semi-decent balance by remaining myself.

My engagement, and wedding planning are not my life. Are not all I think or talk about. Case and point, my last blog post.

It’s okay to have good moments in life and revel in the goodness of those moments, because–spoiler alert–not every moment in life is absolute bliss. Let’s be able to put ourselves aside when we need to, and let’s be able to celebrate ourselves when we need to.

Romans 12 in the Message Bible sums it up well, “Laugh with your happy friends when they’re happy; share tears when they’re down.”



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