15 Things That Happened in 2015

Keeping in what I suppose has now become tradition, I’ll sum up my year in things that happened, a few lessons learned, some seriousness and a bit of sass.

  1. I fell in love. With an optimistic athletic nerd who loves books as much as I do, who cherishes me, and knows when to ignore my rants (and when to take them seriously). He’s the Andy to my April, the Ben to my Leslie.6b65b9cb73063a5330ae675fbe859fdegiphy.gif
  2. I got engaged. It really isn’t said enough that being proposed to is a freaking minefield. You have no idea what is happening and you’re just trying not to pass out. But, you know you’re happy.
  3. I learned to appreciate (even more) the example of healthy relationships. After we got engaged I was suddenly very aware of the influence toxic relationships have. Like they are trying to dump the negative of their relationship on to yours for the sake of misery loving company. Principle is the same whether single or in a relationship: surround yourself with people you admire.
  4. I quit a job I loved. One of the lessons I learned last year was, “It isn’t easy to decide ‘a good thing’ still isn’t enough, moving on to bigger and better things takes bravery but is so worth it.” Which is exactly how I felt about moving forward.
  5. I briefly lived in a closet. After taking a step of faith and leaving my job without anything lined up, I moved into my roommate’s closet, which we refer to as a “New York apartment,” in order to save money as a precaution.
  6. I saw more of America. Attempting to see all 50 states by the time I am 30, and this year I crossed off Montana, Hawaii, and Colorado.Image-1.jpg
  7. I nearly died in the process of planning a wedding. I was doing the majority of my wedding planning while I had a job working the overnight shift of a group home for pregnant teenage girls. Never, never try to plan a wedding while working the graveyard shift of an emotionally taxing job.
  8. I moved out of the closet. After getting set up in my new job, and being able to financially handle it, I moved into the apartment we’d both live in after getting married.
  9. I got married. After having a physical breakdown the night before my wedding that left me puking until 4am, I managed to look crazy hot, dance a lot, and feel so incredibly loved on so many levels. sidneymorgan-44.jpg
  10. I learned a lot about self preservation. My previously mentioned overnight job at the group home took a lot out of me. The shift alone is one that can mess with your psyche, throw in a little added trauma from the crazy nights, and the toll adds up quite high.
  11. I quit a job that was really hard but that I loved nonetheless. See explanation to number 10. I loved so much about the role, but as a whole it didn’t fit positively with my life or my new marriage.
  12. I struggled with comparison. I won’t even joke that it was for the first time in my life, but it was probably one of the more negative periods of having the comparison disease.
  13. I accepted a new job. Third in 2015. Yikes. The professional journey 2015 took me on was one I did not desire. I questioned a lot about myself, my goals, my skills. Ultimately though, I have found faith in the timing of each transition that occurred. And I thoroughly look forward to staying put professionally this next year.
  14. I had the best Christmas. Last year, my now-husband and I were barely dating and we were both visiting our families at Christmas. This year we stayed home in LA, watched Christmas movies, visited with other friends who stayed in the city, and ate nearly a literal ton of food. It was full of snuggles and Christmas cheer, and I loved every minute of it.
  15. I continue to learn to trust my story. To trust that the direction my life is going is the right one for me. The hiccups, twists, freak outs, and list writing is all part of the journey. All a part of the forward motion.

Happy New Year, loves!


2 thoughts on “15 Things That Happened in 2015”

  1. Leslie, I love your openness-honesty-humor-depth in sharing. A whole bunch of people we both know, and I are very pleased to follow your beautiful healthy growth from deep roots. Congratulations on your saying that awesome “YES” and your beautiful marriage ceremony! Someday, I will meet you and your husband in person, someday. Right now NC is a long distance away.
    An incredibly blessed 2016 to y’all!
    Aunt Sanna


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