Who I Am

Some fun facts about this twentysomething include:

 – I’m an LA transplant and am never going back.

 – I like to say that I am 90% gluten free. (Told you I’m an Angeleno).

 – I have moved around a bit in my life but I am certain the moving is nowhere near done. By feet or heart there is always somewhere I am wanting to be.

 – The app on my phone I use most is IMDb.

 – I’m a definite feminist and I’m honored to share my name with Leslie Knope.

 – When I find a good book I will choose reading it over eating and sleeping.

 – My family is separated around different states and we are slowly realizing it’s staying this way, in a few years I’ll probably be seeing nieces and nephews through Facetime on our iPhones.

 – I find beauty and fun in the little things because I refuse to be swallowed by this crazy world.

– I could talk films for hours, the Oscars are my second favorite holiday behind Christmas.

– I am a lover of truth and the One who wrote it.

 – I believe life is an adventure and I won’t be settling for less.


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