Who knew?

Four or five years ago, my friend’s older brother invited us to see a little-known indie band at a small show in Indiana. He got us the band’s first album and we all listened to it until we had every song memorized and were totally pumped for the show. Unique, beautiful sound, we all became instant fans.

However the weekend of the show something came up and we couldn’t travel to Indiana to see them. We were disappointed but got to see our friends pictures from the show and continued to love the band’s sound.They’re still one of my favorite bands.

In the last year when their self-titled album came out and people actually began to know this band exists, we all found it funny. And last month when this band was on Saturday Night Live we all had a “remember when” moment.

On Sunday, this little band that no one knew about five years ago won 2 Grammy’s.

Congrats, Bon Iver!

Sunday morn.

This morning I woke up to an empty home, a rarity. I currently live with a married couple and their two little babies, Carl, Faye, and the little ones are some of my favorite people in the world. I love everything about this temporary home. Temporary. If I could sum up my life in one word right now, the word temporary is the perfect word. My current home, car, state, job, church are all temporary right now… Change is very much coming. But I don’t fear change, not anymore.

So I get up this Sunday morn, let the dog out. Let the dog in. Make tea. Let the tea sit while I eat so I don’t scald my tongue. Sit on the ice-cold leather couch and pick up my newest purchase: Kisses from Katie. I have been giddy to read it since I bought it last night from Barnes and Noble. My friend Luke kept yelling at me for opening it and trying to read it while he was trying to chat with me.

I have been so eager to buy this book. Giddy even, as I said, and I rarely use the word giddy. It’s a weird word. It makes me picture a young Dick Van Dyke dancing in Marry Poppins or something… It just does.

So finally I am able to start Kisses from Katie, and it does not disappoint. Katie Davis first went to Uganda when she was 16 for a three-week trip to volunteer with an orphanage. After she graduated high school she moved out there for a year. She is now 22 and living in Uganda, she has adopted 13 little girls from the orphanage. I completely understand this girl. The journey and desires of her heart are so similar to mine, yet we have very different directions geographically. Above anything, the way Katie describes love I wholly understand. The frustration, agony, joy, heartbreak, delight, consuming feeling of loving the broken.

For the last three summers and two school years I worked with inner city Detroit youth at Wildwood Ranch. I loved and connected to the girls in my cabin more than I have ever connected anywhere. I saw their pain and insecurities and it often mirrored my own. I have heard and seen more pain and tragedy than most will ever see in their life, but I have also seen more joy and restoration than some will ever get to see. I am 20-years-old and I honestly think I am past the point of being shocked, I have heard so many testimonies of sadness and abuse that nothing is new to my ears anymore. It never gets easier, never. But God made me strong, and He puts me through the fire to make me stronger so that I can keep standing in the midst of pain, sadness, and desperation. And let me tell you, there is no where I would rather be than right in the heart of humanity.

I can tell already that reading this book is going to rock my world. This is a topic for another time, but in the last 4-5 months God has put adoption heavy on my heart and reading the story of a single 22-year-old who adopted 13 little girls… It makes me ponder my own life.